Welcome to MHC servers the links can found on the right hand side of the website for mods and joining up links thew steam.

Our rates on all PVE servers are taming x8, maturing x25 ,XP x2, wild  dino resistance is x1.9 and wild dino damage is x2.8 boosted player stats and lower food and water drain custom drops boosted fishing rates, platforms can have more on them to.

The ark servers are here for long term players who dont want instant tame dinos or one hit knock outs or want level 100 in a day , the resistance and damage  is set higher so it makes the dinos harder to kill and harder to tame BUT with the drops being so good theirs always a chance of getting a better weapon to make taming dinos easier a little bit and with out the use of speed boosted filers we need to watch out and plan what we do in the ark world, planning ahead and keeping a lookout all round us,  on all maps all dinos have  boosted spawns so theirs plenty to tame.

All mods are the same over all servers  and can be viewed thew the link on the right hand side of the site called MadHouseCluster Mods which have been carefully chosen by players and admins any changes to mods will be done thew a voting system but we have stuck with the same mods for over a year and half now and also unlocking the engrams is only done once and theirs plenty of engram points midway to unlock all items freely.

We currently have 6 Maps on ark which are (PVE Extinction Ragnarok Aberration Valguero and The Island )and a Valguero PVP map which will be swapped out in December for the new Genesis map.

(The servers are running latest i7 chips with over 100gb of ram and m.2 drives thew ABC servers.

Server restart times are daily and are at the following times in (GMT+1)=

Valguro -Restart 09.00 am and Dino wipe – 13.00 pm.

Extinction,Ragnarok,Aberration,The Island – Restart 10.00 am and Dino wipe – 13.00 pm

when its time for the servers restart there will be a in game message pop up 10 min and 5 min before the it restarts PLEASE exit the game at this stage to avoid loosing resources or tames, as the world save will happen 2 min after the 5min message pops up, If you are taming and have knocked out a creature it will be fine and it will still be there when it boots back up but if you are trying to knock out and it hasn’t  dropped before the server stopped then unfortunately it will still be wild and alive when the server comes back up.)


This is the birthday bash the server held for a player called wicked who enjoyed the night of games and eating food and just having a laugh.