Who We Are

Founded and built by Scope in 2016, the servers started out.

By 2018 we decided to take off the password and open our cluster to everyone, its been great with the amount of players that have shown interest in the cluster. The servers are steam only servers and are not cross play compatible with xbox or ps4 or windows .

Our cluster is fully PVE with TRIBE wars enabled for the odd days where you want that FULL on PVP experience or just stay PVE its entirely up to you.

Our Admins take pride at MHC

We reply to tickets ASAP

Our team of admins are from all over the world so we have almost every time zone covered to sort out those server/mod updates or even general information on a build spots or help with anything.

Server rates

Taming/ Maturing /Dinos

Wild dino level X150 Wyverns X190
Taming X8
Mating X.8
Baby Mature X25
Egg hatch X15
Baby Cuddle X0.1
Baby Grace X3
Dino Damage X2.5
Dino Resis X0.8
Let Madhousecluster take the strain off you when breeding dinos, our servers are set up for breeders so when you hatch an egg and claim a dino it will automatically be put on passive and allie looking turned off and enable-wondering off.

There is a mix of ABB EXT and GEN dinos over all maps which can be searched by the ss transmitter at level 1 for everyone to build and element can be found in drops/bosses/wyverns/alphas.
Wyverns also have a chance at dropping chibis to.

XP and Drops

XP is X 2.3

Our drops are all custom made with whites for starters and reds for a chance of good gear, All loot crates and cave crates are custom made to, the drops also have a chance of dropping ss build items including ss clone chamber,ss mutator,ss tek builds.

Beaver dams drop mushrooms as well as a chance of dropping a ascendant high damage pick,hatchet,sickle. 


Harvest X6

Resource replenish is X0.5 so resources spawn near your bases



Player stat multipliers

HP              X2.2

Stamina      X2

Tor              X2

OX               X2

Food/Water  X2.5

Weight/Dam X2.5

Speed          X1.3

Fort             X2.5

For our server links either copy the IP address or click the steam links below and wait for the mods to finish downloading. 

Rag map
olympus  map
extint map
abb map
Crystal isle   map

Mods Steam link for MADHOUSE Cluster (PvE )


Wish to Take a Trial?

Feel free to leave us some feed back so we know what the players like / dislike.

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