Who We Are

Founded and built by Scope in 2016, the servers started out.

By 2018 we decided to take off the password and open our cluster to everyone, its been great with the amount of players that have shown interest in the cluster. The servers are steam only servers and are not cross play compatible with xbox or ps4 or windows .

Our cluster is fully PVE with TRIBE wars enabled for the odd days where you want that FULL on PVP experience or just stay PVE its entirely up to you.

Our Admins take pride at MHC

We reply to tickets ASAP

Our team of admins are from all over the world so we have almost every time zone covered to sort out those server/mod updates or even general information on a build spots or help with anything.

Server rates

Taming/ Maturing /Dinos

Wild dino level X150 Wyverns X190
Taming X8
Mating X.8
Baby Mature X25
Egg hatch X15
Baby Cuddle X0.1
Baby Grace X3
Dino Damage X2.5
Dino Resis X0.8
Let Madhousecluster take the strain off you when breeding dinos, our servers are set up for breeders so when you hatch an egg and claim a dino it will automatically be put on passive and allie looking turned off and enable-wondering off.

There is a mix of ABB EXT and GEN dinos over all maps which can be searched by the ss transmitter at level 1 for everyone to build and element can be found in drops/bosses/wyverns/alphas.
Wyverns also have a chance at dropping chibis to.

XP and Drops

XP is X 2.3

Our drops are all custom made with whites for starters and reds for a chance of good gear, All loot crates and cave crates are custom made to, the drops also have a chance of dropping ss build items including ss clone chamber,ss mutator,ss tek builds.

Beaver dams drop mushrooms as well as a chance of dropping a ascendant high damage pick,hatchet,sickle. 


Harvest X6

Resource replenish is X0.5 so resources spawn near your bases



Player stat multipliers

HP              X2.2

Stamina      X2

Tor              X2

OX               X2

Food/Water  X2.5

Weight/Dam X2.5

Speed          X1.3

Fort             X2.5

Why not try and tame a rare sighting on the maps with a chance of it being a Mythic rare sighting, or go out and kill the alpha rare sighting for loot.

List of possible Cosmetic Buffs
  • Really Rare: Rare sightings that have special traits are which are really rare, even compared to normal rares.
    • Crested: Regenerates extra stamina.
    • Dappled: +20% Weight. Coloration slowly shifts.
    • Feathered: Insulation for rider, Reduced Fall Damage.
    • Gilled: Dino can breathe underwater while being ridden.
    • Hairy: Greater Insulation for rider.
    • Horned: +20% Melee Damage boost.
      • Antlered: Alternate “horned” appearance.
      • Unihorn: Alternate “horned” appearance.
    • Iridescent: +20% Health. Coloration varies depending on viewing angle.
    • Lantern: Have a glowing bulb on their head. Their light can be toggled on/off by pressing “Q” while riding them, or from their menu wheel. Their light does not provide an aberration-style Charge; they are cosmetic only. Such an ability will not be added in the future.
    • Naked: +20% faster land speed.
    • Plated: +20% damage resistance due to their sturdier builds.
    • Quilled: Inflicts a small amount of bleeding damage to any dino which touches it (same-team is immune to effect).
    • Scaled: +20% Damage Reduction.
    • Alpha: A very powerful, and completely untamable member of its species.
    • Beta: Tamable sub-alphas; have the coloration of alphas and slight stat boost; don’t have the extra size or OP stats. Betas also have a more subdued version of the alpha glow; specifically, they have the red floating embers but not the red fog effect. 10% boost to Damage, Damage Reduction and Speed.
  • Mythic Rares: Rare sightings infused with elemental traits. So rare that many might never even see them.
    • Druidic Dinos: Dinos turned into plant elementals.
      • Provides a boost to nearby growing crops.
        • The distance of the boost is approx. 8 foundations.
        • Specifically, the boost is to the greenhouse multiplier which is increased to x6 over the vanilla x4. Note that it doesn’t scale linearly; for example, in a full greenhouse they will increase the crop boost from 300% to 500%.
        • Note this is designed to work with vanilla and vanilla-like crop plots (S+ included). It might not effect non-standard crop plots from other mods; it could even reduce the effectiveness of some already-boosted crop plot mods (if they also work by adjusting the greenhouse multiplier).
        • Note that the boost works in all game modes, but the crop plots’ displayed % will only be visibly altered in Local Play.
    • Galvanic Dinos
      • ‘Q’ to initiate Electric Burst. Temporarily stuns all nearby dinos and players. Very short range; 30 sec cooldown.
        • Does not affect same-team dinos and players.
        • Range is equal to twice the host dino’s capsule size; minimum of 2 foundations.
        • Keybinding cannot be changed and will not be altered.
    • Glacial Dinos
      • ‘Q’ to initiate Ice Burst. Temporarily chills all nearby dinos and players. Very short range; 30 sec cooldown.
        • Functions as Web but also drastically drops their temperature.
        • Does not affect same-team dinos and players.
        • Range is equal to twice the host dino’s capsule size; minimum of 2 foundations.
        • Keybinding cannot be changed and will not be altered.
    • Phoenixkin Dinos: Dinos with the blood of a phoenix.
      • Fiery Rebirth: Upon dying, adult phoenixkin will be reborn as babies.
        • 24-hr cooldown timer.
        • Only affects tamed adult phoenixkin.
        • The reborn babies will have lost all experience and are unclaimed.
      • Gives their rider an insulation buff.
      • Poop pearls.
      • Having only a distant heritage of the phoenix, they have no abilities of a full phoenix. They do not shoot fire; they do not cook items.
    • Shadow Dinos: Dinos touched by the plane of shadows.
      • 20% increase to speed.
      • Do not breathe but still require normal food.
      • Partially insubstantial: Humans and other dinos can walk through them, however they are still blocked when trying to walk through humans and normal dinos. (Note: they still deal and receive damage normally from any sources.)
        • They will not respond to targeted whistles, due to their partially insubstantial nature. They will still respond to group whistles.
      • Reduced falling speed and take no falling damage.
      • Move nearly silently with no footsteps. (Effect varies by species.)
      • Do not require a saddle to ride.
      • Poop gas balls.
    • Starlight Dinos: Dinos covered in bioluminescent cells.
      • +20% Speed and Stamina. Flashing brightly attracts attention so they need to be swift to survive.
      • Immediately after being tamed, Starlight rares provide their owners with the ability to find better items from loot drops. This ability lasts as long as they have their newly-tamed rare sparkle.
      • Starlight rares can randomly regain their rare sparkle; this can happen once to twice every 24 hours. While they have their rare sparkle, they will once again provide their owners with the ability to find better loot from drops.
    • Stone Dinos: Elemental dinos carved from stone.
      • Are 5x heavier then their normal counterparts, which affects what can carry them.
      • 50% damage reduction; -50% movement speed.
      • Cannot fly or swim.
      • Do not breathe but still require normal food.
      • Poop stone.
    • Obsidian Dinos: A variant of the Stone Dinos with all of the same traits.
      • Poop obsidian.
  • Rare Diseases:
    • Rabid: Can pass Mega Rabies through its bites. Can be permanently cured with a Lesser Antidote.
    • Fevered: Can pass Swamp Fever through close proximity. Can be permanently cured with a Lesser Antidote. Note that while any RS has a chance to spawn with a rare fever, from them it will still only spread to its normal carriers (ie humans and dodos).
    • Note: Diseases often spur mutation. Because of this, rares with diseases have a much higher chance of having other rare traits!

For our server links either copy the IP address or click the steam links below and wait for the mods to finish downloading. 


Rag map

extint map

Patrons  map–

Also used to do boss fights for overseer and rockwell bosses.

Mods Steam link for MADHOUSE Cluster (PvE )



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