Ark PVP map

Welcome to the PVP side of ARK where our first season got off to great start plenty of cheeky action going on Arkoholics sure know how to do things and show whos boss.

Season 2 started off slow as everyone built up tho the server did have its first hostage situation whilst there base got raided and well done to tribe of eevee  who finished the season off with a blast.

At 8pm gmt on the 8th of may we will start season 3 of the pvp server same rules as season 2 but with a few extras unlocked at level 100 most of the tek walls and foundations ceilings are unlocked and at level 10 you can now craft a splus transmitter or buy one in the rewards vault ill also be making points system start with a higher amount as well as there being bonus per hour points being dished out to those who screen shot tribe raids successfully.For those new players who have joined before the season starts i would suggest going to the PVE servers and levelling  up first but please bear in mind that both ITEM and DINO upload and download is disabled on the pvp servers.

The results of the seasons is as followed

– Season 1 winning tribe = Tribe of Arkoholics

-Season 2 winning tribe =Tribe of eevee