PVE rules

    • The admins are here to help keep the servers updated/running, any problems in game please contact admins by typing -new in any chat channel on discord which will open a ticket which only yourself and the admins can see, you can then type your problem there which all admins can see and reply back to.
    • The instructions of the admins must be obeyed.
    • Don’t be a jerk. What goes around comes around. This is an PVE server. Please play in a civilized manner. Hate speech or harassment will not be tolerated and will be dealt with immediately. Disrespect to admins will be handled in a similar manner.
    • No cheats or exploits of any kind. Those caught will get a server ban.
    • Spam, permanent writing with Caps lock and advertising are forbidden.
    • Racist content is forbidden.
    • No sexual allusions or cryptic names.
    • Players reporting rule breaking from other tribes, must have screenshots -F12- as evidence for the admin to resolve any issues using -new in discord which will open a ticket for you, please DO NOT approach a player/tribe yourself let the admins deal with it please.
    • No limit to number of alliances.
    • 3 teleporters per tribe.
    • Limit up to x40 x40 FOUNDATION square by 30 walls high inc ceilings
    • Main build rule IE- a MAIN base up to x40x40x30 walls high with an area for tames or a few smaller bases/base is classed as a main build.                                                                                                                                          If your tribe is between 1-3   players your allowed 2 MAIN builds                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            if your tribe is between 3-6   players your allowed 3 MAIN builds                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            if your tribe is between 7-10 players your allowed 4 MAIN builds.
    • Blocking Access to Landmarks/notes and Artefact caves is forbidden.
    • Important resource spots are not to be built on or tp pads placed down near them (e.g. metal deposits) any found will be a warning.
    • Oil,gas,element pumps must be kept unlocked at all times failure to do so this will result in the pump being destroyed.
    • Single structures or taming structures must be demolished after use.
    • Building within the visible range of other tribes requires the consent of the tribes who first built there, visible range in foundations is about 150 foundations out as a rough guide so please fly around to make sure.
    • Extinction map only-if building in the CITY please make sure to look around you and above/below making sure rule number 2.6 is followed(when a foundation is placed it gives off a radius of around 20 foundation bubble which no other player can build nearer).
  3. PVE RULES:-
    • PVE has complete protection from PVP Raiding, or killing of PVE players on any maps, except the pvp map.
    • If a PVE player gets attacked or killed please screenshot-f12- the tribe log and one of our admins will deal with it.
    • It is forbidden to Drop and or Kite wild dinosaurs in foreign bases.
    • Plant X’s or turrets must be on wild dinos only.
    • Dinos must not be on aggressive, but neutral is allowed .
    • No more than 10 wandering tames per tribe any extras will be a warning.
  4. Other :-
    • 3 incidents of breaking the rules, will result in a ban.
    • Players are expected to behave fairly and appropriately, not to disturb or harass other players and not to take away game play and fun.
    • Decay settings is on and is set higher then default, which is roughly around 22 days for metal foundations but certain items will decay quicker.

We enforce these rules so everyone has a fair chance at collecting resources and finding a build spot and also making the server run smoothly whilst helping players with low end gpu cards play the game with a decent fps.

Thank you

Madhouse Admins