Welcome to Madhouse

Welcome to MadhouseCluster.

Madhouse cluster was started on 9th April 2018 and has grown a great community of players and sponsors from modders of ark who love to breed sell and build and is still growing at a fast pace, where we all help each other out and chat to each other daily in the discord channel, we are all very friendly so please ask any questions you like.The madhouse servers was set up to give friends/family   a chance to play there favourite game with out the worries of any wipes or servers shutting down, But then decided to open up the servers to the public to use, we try our best to set up servers for the long run and be balanced at the same time with out making it so you can finish the game in a day, from time to time we will ask the community for there opinions on mods and other stuff thew the voting system on discord.

We have currently game servers on ark survival evolved x8 maps, arma3 also our lastest is the Minecraft server we will be adding more different games in the future.

We have boosted rates on Dino’s and Players weekly events, to earn ark credits  for the gear you need for Boss fights or Murder your neighbour.

Come check us out where our Community comes first no matter what with no Admin abuse and where the Admins will drop anything to come help you out or even talk some tech about your gear, getting it set up good enough to run ark on the max fps.

Mods and servers links can found at the side of the website and the tab bars at the top of the site will take you to your favourite games  happy gaming everyone.




Well done to HarleyJune who won the steam vouchers congratulations.



This years Halloween event winners



I would like to say a big thank you for those who took part here are the results.

                                                                   1st place petaldancer




                                                         2nd place recon50







                                            3rd meow meow and culmack



4th Karrot chan








-Admin Names-

Our admin team covers the whole time zone and  for any in game help or server restart issues please contact –

Scope, K1ngj4ffie, Sithlordshokon, Mintie, Omris.

Which can be contacted thew discord or in game chat or by typing -new on any discord channel and typing out what issue you have then press enter and it will send the admins a ticket to reply to.


Server Owners

                            At Madhouse Clusters we have 3 shared owners which are – Scope , K1ngj4ffie, Sithlordshokon.



We welcome and would be very grateful of any donations to cover the servers running costs using the link for paypal in discord, you will also have a discord patron role and a surprise gift from the admins.

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